Creating an Award

This tutorial will show you how to create awards that you can grant to students in your eLC course. You can create awards that can be shared with other users in other courses or restricted to your course. If you restrict the award, it can only be added to the course offering in which you create the award.

1. Go to your course. Click Course Admin and from the Assessments area, select Awards.

2.     Click Course Awards and click Add Award to Course.

3.     Click Create Award.

4.     Choose settings for your award.


7.     Select the expiration options for your award. 


8.     In the Choose Award Image area, you can choose the icon that represents your badge. You can upload your own icon, or use one of the badges in the Library. If you want to create your own award image,  click Create your own award image. OpenBadges is a free website that allows you to create custom icons.

9.   If you are creating a new certificate, in the Choose Certificate Template area, do one of the following:

10.   Enter your name and email address under the Issuer Information.

11.   Ensure that the Use this award to the <current course> on creation check box is correctly set.

12.   Click Save. Now you can manually grant your award to students or add release conditions to automatically grant awards.