Copying Content between Courses

eLC allows instructors to copy content between courses. This makes it easier to reuse content in different courses and semesters.

1. Go to the course into which you want to copy content.
2. From the top right of the course to which you wish to copy content, click Course Admin.

3. Under Site Resources, click Import/Export/Copy Components.


4. Choose Copy Components from Another Org Unit, then click Search for offering.

Screenshot of Import Export Copy Components

5. Select the course from which you want to copy content. Then, click “Copy All Components” to copy the entire course. If you want to choose certain components to copy, click “Select Components.”

Note:  if you used the Announcements tool in your previous course, and you haven't put end dates on your announcements, make sure that you do not copy announcements into your new course. (This means you will need to choose "Select Components" when copying your course content, and make sure that announcements aren't checked.) Old announcements that are copied into a new course will send notifications out to students when they are copied. To avoid this, make sure to add end dates when creating announcements in your eLC courses.

6. Select the components you wish to copy. If you are copying Content, make sure you that "Include Associated Files" is checked, and make sure also copy Content Display Settings in order to prevent broken links. Click Continue.

Screenshot of selecting components to copy

7. Confirm your selections, then click Finish.

Screenshot of Confirm Components screen

8. When the copy is finished, click View Content. Check your content, files, etc to make sure the items copied as expected.


In courses with Assignments copied from courses, editing and setting the Due Date may NOT cause it to appear in the Calendar as expected. To fix this, remove all dates (Start, and End Availability and Due Date) and save the dropbox without dates, then reset the Due Date, and save the dropbox again. The new Due Date should now show in the Calendar.