Exporting a Classroll from eLC

This process will simply provide you with a list of students currently enrolled in your eLC course.

1) Go to your course. In the Navigation bar, click Grades. ​

2) Go to the Enter Grades tab.


(Note: if you have a course with multiple sections and you'd like to export each section separately, you will need click on the "View By:" dropdown and select Sections, then click Apply. Then you can select a section, and continue to the rest of the steps listed. You'll need to do a separate export for each section.)



3) Click the Export button.


4) Make sure the following options are selected:


5) Click Export to Excel. (Excel is the best option if you are trying to export a class roll.) 

6) Click the course link in the Export Grades pop up window. (That should save the file to your downloads folder, or wherever your download files save.)

Now you have a copy of your current eLC classroll for the semester.
Please note that eLC enrollments are updated overnight each night M-F with the most current enrollment information from Athena.)

Add an email address column to your classroll

(Note: if you simply want to send an email to your class and you use a mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you can do this directly from Athena. See page 12 of the Athena faculty manual for instructions.)

1) Add the title "Email" to column E.


2) In the cell under the "Email" header, paste the following formula:


3) Now you need to fill the entire column with this formula. To do this, click in the cell with the formula, and hover over the lower right corner of the cell until you see the black cross (this is the fill handle.) Now, drag the fill handle down to the end of the column (or you can simply double click on the fill handle).

Now you have a column with all your students' email addresses that you can copy into an email.