Adding Assignments Feedback in Bulk

This tutorial will show you how to publish bulk feedback to Assignments submissions. You will:

Downloading the Submissions

1. Go to your course and click on Tools ---> Assignments.

2. Select the Assignments folder that you want to assess, and click the title.

3. Scroll down to the submitted files, and check the box to select all submissions. (Note: If you have a large class size you may need to adjust the users displayed per page. This is done by selecting a number of users from the per page drop-down menu, located in the lower right corner. The maximum number of users that can be displayed on a page is 200. If a class is larger than 200 students, you will need to navigate to all pages and repeat this process to get all user submissions.)

4. Click the Download link at the bottom of the list.

5. Click the file link in the pop-up window, and save the zip file to your computer.

(All downloaded user submissions will automatically assign a unique identifying number to the beginning of every file name. This is done in order to allow you to provide feedback within the student submission and uploading the feedback back into eLC.)

6. Extract the zip file that you downloaded. The resulting folder will contain all downloaded student submissions.

7. You can open each file and add feedback to the document. Save each document with the same name.

Uploading the Feedback to eLC

1. To upload the documents with feedback, go back to the Assignments folder. 

2. Click the Add Feedback files button at the top of the page.

3. Upload the documents with feedback. You can either drag and drop them onto the box, or click the upload button and locate and select them on your computer. (If you downloaded the student submission and gave feedback within the same document, eLC will automatically recognize the user by the unique identifying number at the beginning of the file name  and upload the feedback file to the correct student.)

4. Click the Add button.

5. Now the feedback files are uploaded. To make them available to students, scroll down to the submitted files area and check the box to select all students. Click Publish Feedback.