Setting up the Attendance Tool

eLC has an attendance tool that allows you to keep track of student attendance. You can also allow your students to view the attendance register.

First, you'll need to create an attendance register. To access the Attendance tool in eLC, click Course Admin and click Attendance under Learner Management.

Click New Register.

Give the Register a name (description is optional). Select System Scheme in the drop-down menu.

You can also set the Cause for Concern (%) so students falling below a certain percentage will appear in red on your attendance list. Check Allow users to view this attendance register if you want your students to be able to view the attendance, and in the Users sub-section, click the Include all users in this course radio button to include all users. 

Now you need to create sessions in your attendance register. A session represents one class session. Give each session a name (description is optional). To add additional sessions, click Add Sessions under the session list. Once you've added all of your sessions, click Save to create the register.