Classroom Support and Learning Spaces Staff

CTL has a highly trained staff with a great deal of experience and training in the design, installation and maintenance of classroom audio-visual equipment. These audio-visual professionals are here to serve the needs of the faculty and students at UGA.

The CTL Classroom Support and Learning Spaces staff has advanced training in a variety of areas. All of the support staff either has or is pursuing an Infocomm CTS certification while the coordinators have or are pursuing CTS-D, CTS-I, or AMX advanced certification. Several staff have engineering backgrounds and post graduate degrees.

UGA, through Classroom Support is a member of Infocomm International, the Audio-Visual organization for design standards and training. UGA is also a member of the Consortium of Colleges and University Media Centers.

Contact Information


Assistant Director, Classroom Support and Learning Spaces:
Edward Schwartz, 542-3456,

Instructional Resources Specialist II:
Emily Wilkinson, 542-3456,


Coordinator, Project Management and Engineering:
Mark Baird, 542-3456,

Coordinator, Project Design and Programming:
Don Newman, Engineer and Programmer, 542-3456,

Assistant Coordinator, Project Management and Programming:
Ted Ghebreyesus, 542-3456,

Classroom Support

Central Campus

Instructional Technology Systems Professional:
Brent Litch, 542-3456,

South Campus

Instructional Technology Systems Professional:
John Larkin, 542-3456,

North Campus

Instructional Technology Systems Professional:
Eric Harris, 542-3456,

Miller Learning Center

Instructional Technology Systems Professional:
Patrick Lanham, 542-3456,

Science learning center

Instructional Technology Systems Professional:
Rodney Thomas, 542-3456,