Benjy Fry Instructional Technology Systems Professional - South Campus

Phone: 706-542-3456

Benjy is with the Classroom Support division of the Center for Teaching & Learning and is responsible for installing and maintaining the audio visual and instructional technology systems on south campus.

Technology is such an integral part of teaching and learning in this day and age, and it is Benjy's goal to make sure there are as few disruptions as possible.  He is available to provide training of the instructional technology for the faculty as needed.

Benjy was born in Oregon and raised in Virginia. He has a degree in Media Studies from Radford University and has earned a CTS (Certified Technology Specialist).  He lives and loves with his amazingly wonderful wife Erin Thompson and their three dogs Obi, Keena, and Oz.  Obi and Keena are Border collie mixes and are litter mates.  Oz is a German shepherd mix and is a rescue.  Benjy is a mountain boy who enjoys being at home spending time with his family and his favorite and least neglected hobby is playing video games.  Next is TV, movies, and audio books, oh my.  He loves stories.