Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

CTL provides support for student learning outcomes assessment through interactive workshops and one-on-one consultations.

The University of Georgia's success in achieving its overall mission and strategic priorities is to a large extent dependent on the quality and effectiveness of its individual and collective academic programs. Primary responsibility for the content, quality and effectiveness of academic programs is with the faculty.

In keeping with the Academic Affairs Policy 2.04-4, Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, for each individual undergraduate, graduate, and certificate program at the University of Georgia, the respective faculty in the program are responsible for on-going academic assessment of their academic program. When considering the effectiveness of its curriculum, the faculty should continually assess the curricular quality and make changes as appropriate.

For university-wide academic programs, such as the General Education Curriculum and the First-Year Odyssey Seminar Program, the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) is the responsible faculty body for developing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and SLO Assessment Plans. The UCC and the Office of the Vice President for Instruction (OVPI) work collaboratively to collect and analyze data. OVPI is responsible for reporting on the extent to which these SLOs are achieved, while the UCC is responsible for recommending changes and improvements for subsequent implementation.


Academic Programs

Student learning outcomes describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that students should attain through an academic experience (course, program, or degree).  Assessment of student learning outcomes involves the systematic gathering of information for the purpose of determining what students are actually attaining and, critically, the use of that information to improve student learning.

Students are the primary beneficiaries of learning outcomes assessment.  However, assessing learning outcomes can also help faculty seeking to add to or improve curricular offerings.  Assessment data can also help academic programs more clearly demonstrate to institutional and external audiences the strengths of the program and the success of the students.

Faculty members are the primary decision-makers in the assessment process. The assessment of outcomes for each educational program at The University of Georgia is the responsibility of the faculty who:

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